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The Italian Association for Wind Engineering is pleased to welcome the delegates to the XIV Conference of the IN-VENTO 2016, being held in Terni, Italy, at Hotel Valentino, on September 25-28, 2016. Previous Conferences were held in Florence (1990), Capri (1992), Rome (1994), Trieste (1996), Perugia (1998), Genoa (2000), Milan (2002), Reggio Calabria (2004), Pescara (2006), Cefalù (2008), Spoleto (2010), Venice (2012) and Genoa (2014). The aim of the conference is to provide a major forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion on the latest advances in the field of wind engineering, bluff-body aerodynamics, structural dynamics and reliability, wind modeling and forecast, wind energy.


information to complete the early bird registration procedure are available, please visit the info page.
apply for the ANIV award 2016 or for the Ph.D. thesis Special Session (July, 31st 2016)